At Mixpanel, we obsess about security and we found the Sakurity team phenomenal to work with for a contracted penetration test of Mixpanel. Sakurity identified holes that our previous security audit had missed and their turnaround time was great. We plan to continue to partner with Sakurity for the foreseeable future.

Joe Xavier
VP of Engineering, Mixpanel

As a payments company, security is core to everything Stripe does. I've worked with Sakurity both through their responsible disclosures as well as a contracted penetration test of Stripe. Sakurity has always been professional and responsible in their work, and Stripe today is more secure due to their efforts.

Greg Brockman
CTO, Stripe

We approached Sakurity to audit our existing platform, and perform ongoing reviews of upcoming products. Sakurity have a proven and well-regarded understanding of web application security, and were able to identify and help us fix several key vulnerabilities, making our platform significantly more secure.

Adrian Macneil
Director of Engineering, Coinbase

The Sakurity team was a pleasure to work with, both during the process of an issue they reported to us and for an assessment they performed on contract. Their efforts have helped us further harden the security of our two-factor authentication platform.

Jon Oberheide
CTO, Duo Security

We’ve been working closely with Sakurity to identify key weaknesses within our app. Sakurity is industry leader in identifying oauth weaknesses. They've helped us to identify and resolve potential security holes such as xss, account hijacking, and access token leaking.

Sunil Sadasivan
CTO, Buffer

As a service that provides authentication, authorization and single sign-on infrastructure, security for Auth0 is a top priority. Sakurity has consistently demonstrated deep expertise in evaluatiing identity protocols, and security in general. The Sakurity team helped us with a full audit of our platform and we consider the company part of our extended team.

Matias Woloski
CTO, Auth0

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